The following warranty applies to all Rigol products procured through the Rigol North America and European office and/or its’ approved North American and European representatives and/or distributors. Product purchased from outside the North American and Europe Rigol network will be serviced by the selling agents and not Rigol Technologies USA, Inc. or Rigol Technologies EU GmbH.

  1. RIGOL Technologies, Inc. and EU GmbH warrants its products’ mainframe and accessories in materials and technologies within the warranty period. During the period concerned, RIGOL guarantees the free replacement or repair of products which are approved as defective.
  2. The mainframes of RIGOL’ s products have a three-year warranty and the accessories such as probe and test pen (with the exception of power cord, USB and BNC cable) have a one-year warranty. In above-mentioned periods, any hardware or software error caused by quality flaws will be examined and repaired by RIGOL Maintenance Center or its authorized maintenance branch free of charge if the customer provides the warranty card and maintenance record card. RIGOL provides paid maintenance for products outside of the warranty period.
  3. The warranty period starts from the date of the valid certificate of purchase (receipt or invoice). If the invoice cannot be offered, the starting date will adopt the manufacturer’s delivery date.
  4. For in warranty service, RIGOL strives to attain fast turn-around. Normal repair time is less than 10 business days. For service that will exceed this time Rigol will attempt to provide loaner units to be used during the repair cycle. Final availability of loaner units will be at Rigol’s discretion. The transportation cost of return to customer will be paid by RIGOL. If the special transportation is required, please make contact with the RIGOL Maintenance Center.
  5. The warranty is void if:
    • (1) Accidental damage occurs during transportation (please confer with insurance agency or transportation company on the compensation).
    • (2) Malfunction or damage is caused by misuse according to warnings in the product documentation or using or storing in an environment outside of the specification’s limits.
    • (3) Surface damage by manmade factors, like burn, distortion by force, etc.
    • (4) Repaired by anyone who is not from RIGOL Maintenance Center or an authorized maintenance branch.
    • (5) Accident damage caused by using a power cord or a power adapter not approved by RIGOL.
    • (6) Unofficial Licenses are Installed
  6. Malfunction or damage caused by natural calamities, like earthquake, lightning strike, etc.
  7. RIGOL will do the maintenance after verifying with customers that the product is out of warranty, and return the repaired products after receiving payment for the repair cost.
  8. RIGOL assumes partial maintenance responsibility which is reasonable and operable, and refuses to accept any other responsibility for the damage caused by the customers’ wrong operation.
  9. Product with fault not covered by warranty should be transported to RIGOL Maintenance Center to have a repair, and the consignor will pay the transportation cost.
  10. Please contact with RIGOL Maintenance Center for any kind of special maintenance or service requirement.
  11. The customer should return the goods in their original packaging to the company Rigol Technologies EU GmbH. Liability and warranty service will not be accepted for damage caused by improper packaging. For customers getting a replacement product, all accessories must be included to get full credit toward the replacement product.

Warranty above applies to products sold by RIGOL Technologies USA, Inc., RIGOL Technologies EU GmbH and its authorized dealers, and any other form of warranty should e based on this. RIGOL Maintenance Center has the final power of interpretation with the maintenance affairs.

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